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Oasis Inspiring kids with
Virtual Reality and
Street Art
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Neon Museum Enjoy the museum in 360-degrees for
Oculus Rift, Google Glass and mobile
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Borealis An Oculus Rift game that immerses
players in a beautiful world in turmoil
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Vitrio VR Virtual Reality for Real Estate
scan and list your property
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Lunch Track A food lover’s app that makes finding
food trucks fun and a whole lot easier
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Food Runner A fast-paced multiplatform game where
players wreak mayhem as food trucks
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Nature Valley Explore a healthy and active lifestyle
with Nature Valley as your guide
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Google Glass Follow “Ciudadano 0,0 Tour”
from anywhere with Google Glass
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We are Geeky Storytellers

If there’s one thing we know well, it’s that technology will always empower creativity. The future of entertainment will immerse audiences in endless possibilities. Let’s leverage technology and re-imagine how compelling stories are told.


Welcome to a new virtual realm. Plunge into the action of gripping new style of gameplay or step inside the scene of a captivating VR story .

360º FILM

360° experiences are emerging as a whole new form of entertainment.
Let us show you the future of immersive storytelling.


Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms enable our next big ideas. We thrive on the challenges that could only exist right here and now.

Immersive Entertainment

These are riveting times for entertainment. Next-gen experiences take giant leaps at the rate of high-speed broadband. As excitement surges through a growing community of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality enthusiasts, an incredible spectrum of industries are benefiting from unprecedented degrees of engagement.

Product Development

Immersive technologies are changing our relationship with storytelling. In addition to creating content, we develop technologies that enable audiences to dive deeper into interactive mediums. We’ve joined the VR community to propel the technology revolution forward and take the digital age to the next level. The possibilities are limitless.