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Borealis An Oculus Rift gaming that immerses players in a beautiful world in turmoil. View work
Lunch Track app A food lover’s app that makes finding food trucks fun and a whole lot easier. View work
Food Runner A fast-paced multiplatform game where players race as food trucks. View work
Neon Museum Enjoy the museum in 360-degrees for Oculus Rift, Google Glass and mobile. View work
Nature Valley Explore a healthy and active lifestyle with Nature Valley as your guide. View work

We are a digital team of geeky-storytellers

We create a breeding ground for two-way conversations between people and brands in a digital playground. We’ve watched a one-dimensional digital world give way to a more diverse, dynamic and multi-dimensional digital way of life.

Stories, In Different Sizes

Digital. It’s something that commands change. Storytelling, as we know it, constantly takes new shapes and sizes. Fresh ideas are just one leg of the monster. The solution is to adapt and leverage evolving platforms to spread a new message that sticks. The digital world is just a reflection of the one around us. At least we aim to make it that way.

Conversation Sparkers

A loyal audience means everything. Social media allows for a dialogue outside a marketplace fixed on one-directional messaging. A successful social media presence is like talking around a campfire. Simple honesty, common interests, and a good listening ear go a long way. It’s not just another marketing channel; it’s a like-minded collaboration.